Our Story

How it began, Our Journey, What's Next?

How it began

In 2020 at the begining of DeFi spur due to Uniswap, there were a lot of projects crowdfunding on telegram. The process was manual and required a lot of trust from the project owners to carry out a crowdsale for their IDO. It wasn't too long that scammers used that opportunity to raise money for the crowdfund and disappear. As crypto enthusiast, we banded together to solve a problem that we were witnissing once again (just like 2017 ICOs) and began coming up with a solution to the problem of crowdsale.

Our Journey

Our solution was to build a platform that is trustless, permissionless to assist both parties (entrepeneurs and contributors) to crowdfund their ideas. This platform would have 3 main products to start. DxMint, a way to create a pre-audited tokens, saving cost & time for entrepeneurs and providing assurance to contributors that there isn't any fradulaent code involved in the token. The second product would be DxSale, a headache-free way to launch your crowdsale. DxSale provides due-diligence information to project contributors and an easy place to contribute, claim or withdraw tokens. For Project Owners, it would provide a convenient way to share, collect, launch their project with no coding effort required. The third product is DxLock, the backbone of the 2 products, it ensures that any IDO that successfully raises funds locks portion of the total funds, automatically through the smart contract. This provides the ability for bad actors to "rug", a term used by DeFi enthusiast to remove liquidity after launching on a Decentralized Exchange.

What's Next?

In Jan 2020, DxSale rebranded to Dx as our brand continued to grow. 2020 has been the year to set a foundation for the next 10 years. Our vision is to build software for web 3.0 that we could be proud of. We are striving to be the Apple of Web 3.0 by looking at real problems that are impacting users as crypto matures and solving them through design first approach. In 2020, our primary area of focus was DeFi, As of 2020, we have begun expanding into NFT and Gaming segments to build products to solve issues with NFTs. We will utilize our $SALE token to bring utility and governance across this platform and find like minded partners to grow our ecosystem.

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