One token to rule them all

All multi-chain products are powered by one, fixed supply token. This creates infinite demand as we build new products & features


$SALE token was launched on Aug 2020 on the ethereum chain. The token shares ONE total supply across multiple chains.

  • Live on 4 chains
  • One Total supply across all chains
  • Bridging Live

One Token, One Supply, Infinite Chains - August 2020

Our token has a fixed supply and creates organic demand as we add adidtional utilities throughout our dApps.

    Circulating supply per chain - Can shift based on overall token bridging

  • Ethereum

    60 %
  • Binance Smart Chain

    30 %
  • Polygon

    10 %
  • Total

    100 %
  • Looking to onboard SALE to your Blockchain?

Staking Coming Soon

Users that stake SALE token will earn benefits across all products built by Dx Development Team.

  • NFT Airdrops
  • Special Access to VIP launches
  • Premium Access
  • Reduction in fees

Voting & Currency Coming Soon

SALE token will play a part in on-chain governance and be used in our upcoming gaming marketplaces for DxArcade.

  • DxArcade & NFT Marketplaces.
  • Voting on new products builds
  • More details to come!